There is no denying the fact that on-demand mobile apps have occupied the major space in our daily lives. From booking a taxi to ordering food, most of our activities nowadays are driven by the use of on-demand mobile apps.

Another sector which is greatly influenced by on-demand storm is Home Services Sector.  In today’s fast-paced scenario where everyone is busy in their work schedule, every once a while, we get into a pickle where to get something at our home taken care of. Increasing urbanization is leading to the growth of global online on-demand home services.

How On-Demand Home Services can help?

Everyone needs a helping hand from time-to-time. Cleaning home can be an enormous task but most of the time people nowadays do not even have time to do that, reason being hectic work schedules. On-Demand Home Services apps allows you to bring in a trusted professional to clean your home or do all home related activities.  

Not just cleaning, home services compasses a wide range of services. From home cleaning to lawn cleaning, plumbing to carpentering, with on-demand mobile apps you can get all this done with just a touch of a button. Impulsive services such as plumbing, electrical and minor repairs are necessities of every homeowner. Having a systematic way of booking home services from providers will also allow customers to take control of home related tasks right on their mobile phones.

Breaking Down of Home Services and the popular apps:

House Cleaning:

House cleaning encompasses a wide part of on-demand home services. Handy, is already doing a great job in this sector. Handy till now has gained a funding of $109M with appointments generally available on the same day as well as by subscription and by online booking.

House Painting:

Another part of on-demand home services is House Painting. The New York based Paintzen has till now gained a total funding of $12M.

Lawn Care:

Led by Taskeasy, with $22M in funding, these startups offer on-demand lawn mowing and landscaping services, bookable online.

Repair Services:

Some startups focus mainly on repairing the appliances such as ovens and refrigerators. One such startup is Serviz with the funding of $31M.


Laundry is one of the most famous type of home services. On-Demand laundry startups generally pick up users clothing, handle the laundering, and then deliver the finished bundles back to users. Some of the famous On-Demand laundry Apps along with their fundings are:

  • Laundrapp in the United Kingdom with funding of $14M
  • Lenat in Japan with the funding of $6M
  • Edaisi in china with funding of $123M
  • Rinse in the United States with the funding of $10M

There are many other such categories which could be included under On-Demand Home Services which provide convenience to the users.



Reasons for the growth of global online on-demand home services market:

According to Technavio consumer and retail analysis, there are three market drivers that are contributing to the growth of the global online on-demand home services market:

  1. Consumer convenience and accessibility on-the-go- to home services needs
  2. Increasing smartphone penetration and growing m-commerce platform
  3. Increasing urbanization and busier lifestyle with growing traffic woes

We can confidently say that that the on-demand home services industry is quite popular among the millennial generation evidently due to the fact that they are the largest consumers of Internet services. There are approximately 80% of the users who book these services online.  

How Jerry can Help?

Jerry will help you to develop an On-Demand App for businesses to expand and cater to the users across different market. On-Demand Home Services App Development helps you increase your efficiency by ensuring that services are provided on time and with utmost efficiency.


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