In this fast-paced world when everyone is so busy with their working schedule and hardly gets time to visit a shop and purchase the products they require, On-Demand Delivery has come as a rescue to many problems. After the popularity of apps like Postmates and Instacart as the fastest way to send anything from Point-A to Point-B, the on-demand delivery economy has begun to grow with crazy pace.

On-Demand Delivery could be delivery of a particular item like food or target multiple industries through an on-demand delivery app. Through On-Demand Delivery App, you simply browse the location and find the items you want to purchase or enter your request, and your delivery boy will deliver the products at your door-steps.

Be it flowers, daily groceries, fruits & vegetables, stationery bakery & confectionery items, and meats & seafood, with On-Demand Delivery, get everything delivered on-time avoiding the hassle of visiting the stores.

The On-Demand Delivery Apps:

On-Demand Delivery Apps have been gaining immense popularity in the last few years. Reason being the comfort they provide to the customers and profits to the App owners.

Benefits of having an On-Demand Delivery App:

Benefits for the Users:

  • With On-Demand Delivery App, customers are free from the hassle of visiting the stores on their own which saves their time.
  • On-Demand Delivery Apps enables the customers to choose from a number of stores thus giving them more options.
  • With On-Demand Delivery Apps, customers can track their orders.
  • With On-Demand Delivery Apps, customers have the option to rate and review the services.

Benefits for the Business:

  • On-Demand Delivery Apps helps the business to stay ahead in the competition.
  • Constantly keeping the customer in the loop with notifications throughout the delivery process ensures a professional and satisfactory experience for both parties.
  • By having direct access to data recorded from the orders and drivers, your company will have insight into the delivery operational flow.

Have a look at some the famous On-Demand Delivery Apps:


The one ruling the list is POSTMATES, an on-demand delivery app to receive the orders and delivering them to the customers. Whether it’s groceries, drinks, or specific cuisines, the Postmates app helps unlock the best of your city.  With over 1.5 million deliveries per month, Postmates has gained massive success. Not just that, Postmates has till now raised the total funding of $278,010,000.


Instacart is an On-Demand Delivery app for delivering the groceries. It’s a same-day grocery delivery company delivering groceries and home essentials from a variety of local stores at the US. Instacart already has over 500,000 items from local stores in its catalog. With a funding of $674,800,000 till now, Instacart is surely ruling the groceries on-demand market.


Following the footsteps of Postmates, Jinn is doing the same thing by letting its users in Europe order anything locally for delivery. Jinn was founded in 2013 and has successfully picked up funding of approximately $19,791,775 till now.


Another On-Demand Delivery App ruling the market in London is quiqup. Launched in 2014, Quiqup provides On-Demand Delivery Services through a network of self-employed drivers. Quiqup is disrupting the world of commerce and becoming a global player in on-demand logistics, connecting demand, and supply, wherever there’s the need. The app has till now raised the total funding of $26,112,844.


How Can Jerry Help?

Jerry can turn your idea of having an on-demand delivery app into reality by providing the pre-built customizable codes to have a Postmates like an app or an Instacart like the app. With our customizable On-Demand Solution, have your very own delivery app and free the customers from the hassle of visiting the store on their own.

So, Let’s Get Started!



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