On-Demand App is the emerging thing in today’s business world. The On-Demand App will let you order anything from anywhere. Won’t it be enjoyable if a pizza is delivered at the doorstep or a stylist visits your place to get your make up done? Be it beauty services or booking the cleaner at home, everything is just a click away in today’s world.  All credits go to On-Demand Apps. Now, anything could be delivered at your doorstep.  If you have any on-demand business and want to increase your customer base, you could either be part of any existing On-Demand App in food service business or you could come up with your own App. You could market your App through various social channels like FaceBook, Instagram, etc. Through this, you will able to attract more customers and enhance the sales of your business.

E-commerce is emerging rapidly and people want to receive the service at the doorstep. On-Demand Apps support immensely on this front and assist the business to earn more profits. Even the traditional businesses have adopted the On-Demand App to increase their profits tremendously.

How does On-Demand Apps work?


There are various companies who own the On-Demand App alone and would make the customers and service providers register in that App. By doing so, they get the service requirement from the customer and just transfer that to the service provider. They would get a commission during this process.

A separate App interface would be created for the customer and also the service provider. Let’s just take a home services app as an example. In the App, users will be able to find nearby providers and can book the services with them.

Then the selected provider will get the request and will have the option to accept/reject the same. Since smartphones are widely used by people nowadays, it makes perfect sense for the business to have their own App.

Types of On-Demand Apps:


There are three different kinds of On-Demand Apps. Let’s see about them in detail below.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Through this app, a service provider or business will be able to directly connect with the consumers. Examples of such apps are Dominos and Starbucks.

Business to Business (B2B)

In this type, the pp would be created by a business and it would be used to connect other businesses. The user could use this app and opt for the service required from any of the businesses available on the app. Zomato and Urbanclap are examples of B2B apps. Zomato falls under vertical B2B apps since it is concerned only with only the food delivery service and Urbanclap falls under horizontal B2B apps since it offers multiple services like beauty services, home repair services, appliances repair services, etc.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

In this type, the app would connect all the consumers. Each and every consumer would be able to offer and receive the service through the app. Such apps are very useful for consumers since it saves a lot of money for them. Anyone can exchange the products for a cheaper price compared to other platforms. eBay and Etsy are examples of C2C platforms.

Impact of On-Demand Apps


Traditional Method

I am unable to think how my life was before I started using the on-demand apps. One thing I could definitely say that it was very tedious. If I need to book a cab, I should call the cab service provider in my region in advance and book an appointment. Then after the booking is done, I would have struggled hard to explain my location to the driver.

After all, this, once the cab arrives I should board and pay the driver once my trip is over. There are many times the bill came out at the end was an unpleasant surprise. Doesn’t that sound like a tedious task? Assume that I need to eat something. Either I could call up the restaurant and place the order or I should manually go to the restaurant.

Not many restaurants accepts card while delivering the food too. I need to have the currency bills with exact change. It was indeed a tedious time. But now our lives have changed for good.

How has it changed now?

Do I really have to say how it has changed now? Now if I need to book a cab, I can just load my Uber app, give the destination and book it right away. There will be no surprises with the final bill as well. I could do the payments online too. I need not carry currency bill all the time with me and especially no worries about giving the correct change to the driver. In a similar fashion, getting a beauty service is just a click away too.

I could easily book for the service I require with the date and time through Urbanclap. We have already spoken a lot about food. The delicious pizza is just 30 minutes away. Isn’t that great? I should honestly agree that On-Demand apps have changed all our lives for good. It’s more comfortable, easy to use and convenient.

Economic and Other Benefits

If you have skills and want to be an entrepreneur, it is fairly simple now compared to the earlier times. Anyone can do business online through mobile apps without having to worry about the huge warehouses to save the goods. The business can only have a virtual presence and still succeed and earn huge profits. The overall economy has seen raise with the emergence of On-Demand Apps.

There are millions of customers who use On-Demand apps on regular basis. The world economy will boon with the advancement of more On-Demand apps. Many people can get a job with the on-demand app developments. When there is a huge demand for any service is reported, the service providers will increase. At the same time, delivery representatives will increase as well. More On demand app developments will ensure flexibility for everyone to work as well.

This would ensure that the customers can accommodate their requirements in their spare time and on the go. No more they need to go to a parlor, wait for hours to get the facial done. It’s just a click away.


Let’s just consider America for understanding the growth of On-Demand apps. It’s been reported that more than 45 million Americans are using On-Demand apps to offer their services. This would definitely increase their business to a greater extent. More than 50% of the Americans agreed that on-demand apps have helped them immensely in improving their financial condition.

More than 50% of the Americans have started a startup a business using the On-Demand platform. 86.5 million Americans are using the on-demand apps for getting the services they require. Doesn’t that show that on-demand apps have already become an inherent part of our life?

New On-Demand App Ideas

There are so many On-Demand apps which are already available. But still, we could find the area which could be delivered through On-Demand apps and work on On-demand App development. Let’s see the few app ideas below.

Car Washing On-Demand App

The number of car users is increasing day by day. It would be better if a customer could book a car wash through an app. Before proceeding with the On-demand App development, we should first do very detailed research on all the requirements a car owner will need and thrive hard to fulfill those requirements. The app should flexible enough for the car owner to choose any date and time he needs. The rates offered for the service should be affordable too. This will make us attract more customers.

Vehicle Repair On-Demand App

Remember the time when you’re broke in the middle of the road? Sometimes, we would be absolutely clueless what to at those times. Finding the mechanic at that time would have been really tedious. You could on developing the app which would allow us to connect all the nearby mechanics to the user. Using this app, the user should be able to find all the mechanics near to his or her location and should be able to book a mechanic. Wouldn’t that be helpful to everyone?

Truck On-Demand App

Even though, we wouldn’t use the truck on daily basis, having an app to book the truck would be really great. We need not roam and enquire with various truckers when we need to move from one place to another. We could just open the app and book a truck which suits our requirements.

Tutor On-Demand App

There is always a demand for tutors. To help the students, it would be better if we could connect the tutors through an app. If a student wants any help with any of the subjects, he or she could log in to the app and book for a tutor online. The tutor could assist the students through the internet itself and get paid accordingly. This is one of the easiest and effective ways through which tutoring could be made simpler.

On-demand app development involves a lot of work. The design of the app should be appealing to the user. This will attract more users to use the app. The app should easy for the user to use. It should be simple and also should have all the features a user would expect from the app.

Sufficient research has to be done on the target audience before launching an on-demand app. But, just developing the On-Demand App wouldn’t ensure success. You should market the app efficiently so that more customers and service providers would use the app developed by you. That’s the most critical part of the business. If the right marketing strategy is not used, there is no way we could make any business a success.

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