Subscription-based content creation has gained popularity in the past years. One renowned example is OnlyFans, though there are many similar platforms: Patreon,
OnlyFans is flooded with adult content. The vast majority of users employ the platform to consume or upload erotic content. That said, you are free to post whatever you want.
This post will review the advantages that creating your own platform has over these popular websites.

Why Subscription-Based Content?

Digital content is everywhere. While most content is free, many websites require a recurrent payment, also known as a subscription, to access that content. But why?
Well, the content monetization model places the consumer at the center. Now, your audience has the control to choose what content they want to consume, where, and when.

HBO is one example. Why HBO instead of Netflix or Disney+? Each platform offers different content, and people decide which one suits them best. The same goes for online content creators. You choose to watch one YouTuber instead of another who posts similar content.

And let’s not forget about money. If you are good at what you do and want to make a living or perhaps profit from your body, why not? The Internet makes it possible for you to post content and charge a subscription for it. There is no need to give away for free something that could provide revenue.

Is Adult Content the Only Way?

Absolutely not! While it’s true that this type of content attracts quite an audience and may allow you to make a living, many influencers and users post regular content.

It may be something personal like reflections or educational content. Perhaps you have a set of skills you can share with the world in exchange for a subscription.

The possibilities are endless, and the key lies in understanding your target audience and what they are willing to pay for. Not everyone is a fan of erotic content, and many people won’t pay for it. Research what your follower base wants, and then deliver

How Much Do These Platforms Charge?

Usually, subscription-based platforms charge up to a 20% fee — Meaning if you make a thousand dollars a month, the platform would take two hundred from you.

It’s not profitable in the long term since these websites make money off your content. Instead, it’s best to create your own platform and manage it yourself. Not only do you avoid the legalities and problems of relying on a third-party platform, but you earn more money at the end of the day.

Do You Own Your Content?

There is one technicality in platforms like OnlyFans. You own your content, but they have the right to edit, sell, distribute, and do whatever they want with it.
Security breaches and leaks may occur too, meaning that others can see and distribute what you post.

Though this situation is unlikely due to security precautions, one never knows what will happen next.

Benefits of your Own Platform for Content

As opposed to using a third-party website, you can create your own community and content-based platform with our services. We offer users the opportunity to use ready-made software for this purpose.

We are not a WordPress plugin or a theme. We are business-ready software for content creators and entrepreneurs. We make creating a content monetization platform easy.

Besides allowing you to upload subscription-based digital content with zero fees, we offer other features of interest:

Live stream. Are you familiar with live streaming platforms like Twitch? Unfortunately, while they allow users to make donations and chat, they also take a portion of the money. On the other hand, if you use our software to create your platform, you are in charge of everything.

These live streams can mean more revenue for you, especially if four followers can book private sessions with you too. Or maybe you want to create a group with only 5-10 participants — You can do that too!

Ultimately, you are the one who chooses how to stream

eCommerce platform. Instead of using WordPress store or Shopify, our one-fits-all allows you to launch an online store on your new platform. You have and run everything in one place: Your creator dashboard.

The eCommerce feature allows you to sell and distribute both physical and digital products. Your follower base can see them on the feed, add them to wishlists, and purchase them at any given time. You can offer discounts and other promotions to encourage users to go through the purchase.

Social community building. It works as an Instagram or Facebook feed. You can upload your latest pictures, videos, or news. They will go directly to your subscribers’ and followers’ feeds, building an active community and safe space for everyone to interact. Your audience can unlock your feed content with tokens.

As you can see, this community-building method is much more interactive than traditional websites like Patreon. Users decide what to see and when.

Other integrations. Technology allows integrations to make the user experience smoother and more fun. We provide the best website architecture, so you don’t need to worry about coding or design. We also allow payments via PayPal or crypto wallets, the safest method until now.

Other integrations include Google Analytics to ensure you understand the statistics and make data-driven decisions. Boosting your reach and business was never as easy.

What Can You Use your Platform For?

The type of content that you create and upload is up to you. These are some of the most famous and profitable categories:

Art. Digital artists often struggle with promoting and distributing their content. Owning a platform where you decide what to upload, who can see it, and who can buy your art relieves part of the everyday pressure that making a living from your artworks puts on you.

Music. Just as digital artists, musicians deal with platforms like Spotify or Play Music that keep their money or come up with legalities and copyright issues. If you seek to share your songs freely and quickly, you are in the right place.

Photography: Some freelancing photographers sell the rights to their images. But what if you could stop relying on third-party platforms that own your content and upload it independently instead? Everyone needs a picture or video these days, especially for YouTube videos or eCommerce stores.

Take the next step and use MyFans to create your own independent business

Are you ready to start your community based-platform, where you have 100% control over everything? Let’s chat!

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