How IOT is transforming our lives

Internet with its invention has brought many innovations in the field of technology. From communication to education, the internet has enhanced every sector. The Latest invention which is creating a buzz in the market of technology through the internet is IoT viz. Internet of things. It is a system of computing devices which are interrelated through mechanical and digital machines and has the ability to transfer the data through a single network to multi-networks without requiring any physical interaction.

If you are wondering, what is a “thing” in IOT then you must know it can vary from living being to a non-living object. It can be a person with a heart monitor implant or even a farm animal with a biochip transponder, or it can be any automobile vehicle that runs through sensors to alert the driver about any fault in the vehicle which means IOT is a multitasking functioning which enhances any human activity. This integrated technology of IoT is omnipresent in this digital era and is transforming our lives. It is everywhere, portable, wearable and even implantable and has become a connecting cord for transforming substantial objects and activities that are rigorously changing the way we are living.

Most of the leading businesses are transitioning Internet of Things to the Internet of Everything which comprises of machines, human resources, and all the other relevant data which can have a greater impact on our living. Let’s discuss how it improves our business:



IOT supports and improves communication amongst several devices, also famously known as machine to machine communication. It keeps the physical devices in control and connected and also provides transparency in each activity.

Automation and Control

Digital connectivity provides a wireless infrastructure which further provides a large amount of automation and control at work front. Without human intervention, machines communicate quickly and clearly as per the directed commands.


IOT provides ample of information at one platform which allows users to take quick decisions in any activity like buying grocery, goods supplying, encyclopedia, news, event planning, etc.


It keeps an intact vigilance for you and alarms you about many things like informing you if you are low on milk, safeguard you if the products are near to expiry, help you with accessing air quality of your home, etc. It keeps reminding you about important elements.

Saves Time

From the above examples, we can easily conclude that machine to machine communication improves efficiency at work as the results are obtained quickly and lots of repetitive tasks can be solved through IoT like gate control, power searching which enables people to work on other creative activities.

Saves Money

The type of facilities it is providing allows users to monitor and save money. It is more fruitful in providing aid in daily routine activities and allows users to communicate effectively while saving both cost and energy.

Optimum utilization of energy and resources can be achieved by adopting this technology and keeping the devices under surveillance. We can be alerted in case of possible bottlenecks, breakdowns, and damages to the system.

Better Quality of Life

This technology allows the applications to enhance the comfort, convenience, and capabilities of the managerial skills which further improving the qualitative aspects.

Applications of Internet of Things

Smart Home

Wouldn’t you love it if you could control air conditioning, lights even if you are not present at home? The number of people who are looking for smart homes is growing day by day. IoT in smart homes is often termed as home automation or domotics it works on providing better home services like security, comfort, and convenience by controlling through smart devices. Another interesting study reveals that IOT database is also inclusive of 256 companies and startups. E.g. Nest smart home, Kisi Smart lock, Canary Smart security system, Kohler Verdera Smart mirrors.

Smart cities

It is another strong application of IOT which is arousing curiosity amongst the general public. It will inter-relate all the city activities and would enhance smart surveillance, automated transportation, water management, maintaining security, monitoring environment. Just like the ones we have seen in the movies.


By wearable, we mean technology that is handy and which can help you in managing the different features through your wearable device. The most popular example of a wearable device is Apple’s smart watch. Every year lots of consumers wait for its release. One more example that can be illustrated is Pro glove’s smart glove. This glove is designed to meet the safety conditions, gesture sensing, wireless connections improving the working environment for industrial workers.

Smart cars

The automatic digital technology focuses on the best possible way to enhance the internal functioning of the car. It operates through voice mode or biometrics and the latest one that has come up recently is the use of Artificial Intelligence. Many big automobile industries and even startups are engaged and engaging themselves in building car solutions like Tesla, BMW, Apple, Google which are surely going to create another revolution in automobiles.

Smart retail

IoT is uplifting the retail sector massively. It provides an opportunity for retailers to connect with customers to enhance their in-store experience. Smart phones are going to be the way for retailers to remain connected with their customers even when they are in transit. Interacting through Smart phones and using Beacon technology can help retailers serve their consumers better. IoT can also track the path of the consumers, improve the layout of the store and place the ads in the targeted areas or high traffic areas.

IoT in agriculture

The constant rise in the world’s population has raised the demand for food supply. Government is providing advanced techniques to farmers to increase the production of food through smart farming. Smart Farming helps in providing meaningful data for sensing soil nutrients and controls the water usage for the growth of a plant and raises the production and also helps in predicting the type of fertilizer required.

Energy engagement

Concept of the smart grid is gaining popularity worldwide. The basic science behind this ideology is to gather the data and analyze the electricity consumption behavior of consumers and suppliers which would help in improving the funds and finances of electricity use. Smart grids will be able to detect sources of power consumption like through solar panel.

IOT in healthcare

This concept will strengthen the overall healthcare system with smart medical devices with the potential to enhance the pharmacy business and also improving the general health of people.
As per the ongoing researches, it is predicted that healthcare is going to pick up its pace in the coming years. It is directed to empower people to live a healthy and balanced life by using connected devices.

IOT in poultry farming

Monitoring of livestock helps in saving the cost and IOT applications helps in gathering the data of fitness and well being of the farm animals. It can help in identifying and curing any seriously ailing animals and would further help in avoiding large livestock illness.

The techno revolution is rising and it will continue to rise with urbanization. Internet of things provides connectivity amongst devices, services, and solution. It operates through devices which are embedded with sensors and chips to enhance user’s experience.

According to data compiled by Transparency Market Research, the Global Internet of Things (IoT) market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 20.55% between the forecasted period of 2016 to 2024. Several IT companies are majorly working on collaborating and investing in creative laboratories to raise their product applications. This continuous growth of the research sector in IoT across the globe is lubricating the implementation of its applications.

Hence it’s important for any business organization to adapt this future technology. At Jerry we provide custom services as per the needs of the clients and assist them in incorporating their ideas into reality.

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