How AI can help you reach more customers

It is famously said that every company’s greatest assets are its customers because without customers there is no company. In order to have better customer support these days, many tech-driven business is (and should keep) moving ahead with digital services. Artificial intelligence is one such area of the cyber revolution which is gaining attention in the world of digital marketing. We have previously discussed AI’s assistance in the e-commerce industry. Here we will discuss how AI is a better way to connect with customers. Artificial intelligence comprises of various attributes that in general assist in any commercial activity.

Features of Artificial Intelligence

  • They can generate language naturally
  • They work on domain-specific knowledge in resolving the problem
  • They have the ability to perform knowledge reasoning
  • Robotics
  • Computer vision
  • Planning
  • Learning and analyzing

Customer connect with AI

Imagine the times when you had a problem with any product and you call up the customer care for your issue. In the process, you end up having a robotic conversation with a machine in a traditional way where you receive repetitive machine response which is highly frustrating at times. Good news is that the old traditional way is replaced through Artificial Intelligence. AI for you is a more interactive and intelligent behavior by a machine which understands different languages, dialects and responds accordingly. This is an upgraded level of intelligence where machine interacts as a live person and also asks a number of questions to resolve your problem. It comes up with more quick and accurate responses. This is one such example of amazing customer support. Now let’s discuss how AI is a better way to connect with customers.


Content Creator

AI can create data and reports with tools like wordsmith, Articoolo, quill which are equipped in creating content and also building traffic for the websites. Big organizations like BBC, CBS, and The New York Times are already using this technology. The content created from this machine learning technique is provides a detailed data study of consumers buying behavior, their preferences, taste, etc. content generated is further used in designing the personalized content for the consumers.

Content Curator

Just like AI assist in generating the content it also curates it. It suggests the user with personalized content recommendation e.g. “the person buying x also bought y” just like the suggestions we see on sites like Amazon. Also when you surf through popular entertainment sites like Netflix you get viewing recommendation for shows and movies as per your viewing list. According to a report generated by Demand Metric, 80 % of the marketers say personalized content is more effective than un-personalized content. Algorithms can be prepared through artificial intelligence by analyzing subscriber’s data. Viz. on the basis of previous read posts, queries on a website, etc.

Content Searching

Technologies like Alexia, Siri, and Google Home are not alien names. We have got very familiar with the terms instantly. This quick technical assistance just helps the customer with speech recognition and finds their answers. According to a Google Report 70% of the searches received by Google are conversational in nature. Simultaneously it eradicates the feature of keypad typing which is again time-saving, you can shop while you are even driving. E.g. ask Google what are the best restaurants in town. And Google will find you the best place to dine. We have got Digital divine

Enhancing Customer Experience

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company.” Tony Hsieh

This is the motto of all the firms competing in digital arena. With the Support of AI assistant like chatbots the contents have become more personalized and the speed of services have amazingly increased. Bot technology is a step ahead thought which works on resolving customer issues instantly by giving those personalized suggestions and solutions, answering the queries, etc. This overall process of accessing business through AI builds not only customer satisfaction but also builds a positive brand image amongst the consumers.

Predictive insight

“Predicting the future isn’t magic, its Artificial Intelligence”- Dave Waters

There were days when behavioral researches would take up years and months to compile but thanks to our genius machine creations which can propose such behavioral reports in just a blink of an eye. Organizations like Sephora, Under Armour build their target customers through AI. AI can help in displaying the relevant content on the basis of the previous interactions and can generate future buying leads for the websites and for the customer it gets quite brilliant if something is provided to them before they even ask for it.


AI does not take any break, sleep or get sick instead it’s a more productive and advanced version for customer support. AI can easily learn new skills and assist in building customer rapport. And all of this is a real time saving process for the customer as well as the service provider. Smart devices have incorporated the feature of instant attention amongst the current customers. AI is the best support irrespective of time.

Moderating FAQ

We don’t want to push our ideas on to customers; we simply want to make what they want. – Laura Ashley

The infusion of Artificial Intelligence in business enables in storing answers and analyzing the trend of most commonly asked questions. It gives preset details of questions regular in nature. It will help in creating the window of frequently asked questions. Sometimes the customer issues are resolved just like that. So a regularly updating of FAQ establishes better customer support by answering and creating what they want.

AI, as we know, creates expert systems that establish intelligent behavior and there are already so many areas where artificial intelligence is even outperforming humans. So to furnish the business with better services, AI assistance is foremost important. It is a better way to enhance the business as they say Good customer service costs less than bad customer service.


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