While growing up one of the things we have very keenly observed at our homes is monthly grocery shopping. At the beginning of every month we would see how our parents made that list and would visit the grocery store at a scheduled time so that they don’t have to spend much time. A few decades ago, this scenario was prevailing in almost every home when there were limited grocery stores and one of the limitations was location. And now as we have already stepped into digital age the world has become compact. There are numerous apps available for shopping. Further these apps are providing on demand services which are available right at your door step which means you don’t really have to wait for anything.

Grocery Delivery apps

If we specifically talk about grocery shopping, it is acknowledging its presence at initial level as compared to other on demand apps. But the need is growing at a faster pace as customers are looking for more convenient ways to shop and online grocery shopping is providing them ease. The Gen Y is much demanding and has specific needs. To meet the needs of these virtually growing customers these apps are instant getaway.
Digital consumers running through time constraint have found extra support system through these apps. This innovation is blessing for services providers and consumers. This large network base is catering needs of mass segment viz. wholesalers, retailers and consumers creating equilibrium for all.

Big companies like Wal-Mart, Big basket, Script have already established their consumer base through mobile. Buy me a pie, Grocery Pal, Out of milk etc are some of the other already existing names in the niche market.

Why to choose grocery app

Mobile commerce is growing, trend of readymade is growing and so is the spending power of the consumers. With no time to wait this is the best solution of modern day buyer.


You don’t really have to step out of your place to do your shopping instead like script or instacart you can hire a shopper for you. Stores like peapod assist you with virtual views. So its highly convenient option to opt for.

Easy browsing

It provides one base platform for all the users and providers with sub categories like frozen food, dairy products etc making it easy to enlist and shop. You can easily select and drop down the selected products in your virtual cart.

Time savvy

The real battle of grocery shopping starts when you reach the payment counters where you have to stand in long queues. The digital platform curtails the bar of long standing queues. In the fast and rushed life we want quick services choosing Grocery apps gives you quick getaway.


We can rely upon the grocery apps as there is live tracking options available also the sources are verified. Hence in case of any delay you can always look upto customer support.

What to look out in a grocery app

Now you know that grocery app is irrespective of time and space boundaries. You are virtually intact to your stores. There are a few essentials that you must also look out before choosing your virtual grocery shopping app.


Tracking Order

You need to check if the app provides you with option of tracking order. So you can check the live updates. It will help you in tracking the order.

Check reviews

Check reviews and ratings marked on the app by existing buyers. It will give you first hand information before buying. You will get to know about their customer support and deliveries and choose likewise.

Payment options

Easy and secure payment options should be there to give consumer trustworthy experience. Trust is the key aspect in building any business.

Offers/ promo codes

Yes, it’s one of the basic advantage we avail through virtual shopping offer codes and promos where at times we get bonus deals. So this is one of the aspect you can consider before doing your grocery shopping.

So , Instead of planning your monthly visit to a grocery store save this time and jump on to some short leisure trip or a grooming session for yourself. Let’s get more mobile with mobile.

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