At global platform the world is witnessing major paradigm change viz. a lot of startups are evolving rigorously over the last few years. As the startups are evolving so is the technology. This parallel wave of technology is creating a digital hub for the startups and its consumers. So it’s highly apt for a startup to register their digital presence for the prospective clients.

There are various ways to target your web audience through social media, web portals and on demand apps.  Nowadays everything is mobile right from shopping, eating, travelling, studying etc. With no time to waste, the gen x consumer desires instant services satisfying their individual needs in minimum time e.g. personal care, professional, health etc.

On demand apps

On demand apps are mobile portals targeting consumers and providing them a platform to avail any services e.g. food, travel, salon services, baby sitter services etc. These apps provide an equal platform for the user and the provider simultaneously to engage them in transaction of services as required. It is hassle free, quick at your door free services.

Why on demand apps for startup

As the name suggests these apps are users centric and mobile in nature. Plus these apps are a onetime investment in business. These are services available right at your doorstep e.g. you have to go to a party but running out of time to save yourself from time and traffic you can avail salon services from apps like urban clap at your place.

Big names like uber tracked the need of such mobility and targeted their consumer base through their apps. Several services can be availed through same. The uber startup is now a multi millionaire service with branches open worldwide.

Existing on demand apps

Uber , task rabbit, postmates, urban clap, drizzly, Urban pro are some of the big names in the on demand apps market. Consumers these apps are fixed long term rewarding asset for the business. Hence on demand apps are lubricating oil for the start ups.


Jerry on demand apps for startup

Having a business idea? , thinking of how to start your start up?. Most importantly think what does a start up require? Large customer base, instant services, easy payments, quick dealing with customizing and so on. And your one step solution to your start up is jerry. Jerry is an on demand applications portal providing a quick opportunity for the user and the service provider. In the past jerry has already assisted some startups to boom their business growth like Eeziclean, Too Busy  Laundry Apps, and Home Services apps Gidanfix, Just It etc.

We do understand that a startup and technology go hand in hand. And that’s why Jerry understands your needs and customizes your services as required. We provide multiple options for our techno startups which are as quick and fast as your phone. There are several salient features of our on demand apps which would boost up your startup growth.

   1. Quick services

With Jerry let your business sail at quicken pace. Once you have rendered the services for your project online. The applications will go live within 2 days. Through which the user will be able to locate your nearby services.

  2. Easy access

Jerry on demand clone scripts provides user friendly interface. It’s simple and easy to switch through different services without any hang-ups.

  3. Secured Payments

The transparency in payment options gives an ease to both the providers and consumers. It provides a hassle free getaway which is safe and secure.

 4. Live tracking

Once you have ordered the services. We provide you a feature of live tracking where you can track it on your device.

 5. Automatic updates

Change is the constant variable. Any technology requires frequent updates for their digital space. Jerry On demand apps provide a regular automatic updates for your applications which can be automatically done through play store.

 6. Customize

As per the startup requirement the apps can be customized e.g. you can add up multiple verticles and enhance your business. Depending upon the need and size of business we can customize for you.

 7. Customer support

We whole heartedly believe in after services. we are target oriented and extend in our customer support for first three months for free . Furthermore willing to render our services as in required.

  8. Budget Friendly

We understand the financial constraints of a startup hence we don’t charge rainbows. Our pricing policies are as simple as our services.

We wish to march forward in creating a better digital sphere for you. We have enlisted a few popular demand services with Jerry like beauty, healthcare, home services, digital services etc. As per the requirement of a startup we are happy to help.

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