February 2018


Like most other industries, Transportation and Logistics (T&L) is currently transforming immense changes. New technology, new market entrants, customer expectations and new business models. There are many ways to meet these challenges and one such way that helps the logistics industries to stay ahead in the competition is to have an On-Demand Logistics App for the business. The need for having an On-Demand App for Logistics is driven largely by the success of Uber. People…

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Technology has changed the possibilities of teaching and learning. Classes, which prior to the digital era were restricted to lectures within a classroom, no longer have to be designed in that manner. From E-Learning to using engaging devices to teach the students, the modern education system has extended its boundaries in order to provide the students with the best of knowledge. These extended boundaries have given rise to the trend of On-Demand Tutors. Across the…

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