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Launch Your Own Hospital App. Simplify appointments, securely manage records, and streamline staff communication. Give patients a modern experience they'll love.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Get a complete overview of your hospital's performance. Track invoices, bills, payments, doctors, patients, and available beds all in one place.
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Efficient Billing Management

Manage different account types, create digital invoices, handle billing for patients, and track payments. Ensure all financial transactions are smooth and well-documented.
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Bed Management

Easily manage bed types and availability. Assign beds to patients and track their status in real-time.
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Blood Bank Management

Keep track of blood inventory and donors. Ensure the right blood types are available when needed.
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Patient Case Management

Handle patient cases effectively. Coordinate care, manage case handlers, and ensure patient-centered treatment.
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Appointment Scheduling

Easily book, view, and manage appointments. Ensure doctors' schedules are up-to-date and patients are well-informed.
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Employee and Payroll Management

Manage salaries and payroll for doctors, nurses, and other staff. Keep track of employee details and payment history.
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Inventory and Medicine Management

Track inventory of medical supplies and medicines. Manage stock levels, categories, and brands to ensure everything is well-organized.
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