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Start Your Online File Transfer and Sharing Service. Say goodbye to slow, unreliable file sharing. Droppy makes it easy to send large files quickly and securely. Share files with anyone, anywhere.

Keeping Files Safe

Keep your users' files safe by encrypting all stored files with a unique key. Only the right people can access the files, making your platform secure and trustworthy.
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Handling Large Files and Folders

Let users upload entire folders while keeping everything organized. Make it easy for them to share complex directories without any issues.
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Fast and Reliable Transfers

Make the file transfer process faster and more reliable with efficient chunked uploads. Upload large files quickly by breaking them into smaller parts.
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Easy File Sharing

Simplify file sharing for your users. Let them share files through email or by generating shareable links, making the process quick and user-friendly.
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Simple Drag and Drop Uploads

Improve user experience with drag-and-drop support. Make it easy for users to upload files, reducing hassle and increasing satisfaction.
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Resuming Uploads Automatically

Provide a seamless experience by automatically resuming file uploads if the connection is lost. Avoid interruptions and ensure smooth file transfers.
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Managing User Access and Control

Let your users create accounts to manage their files. Control who can upload and download files, enhancing security and user management.
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Auto-Delete Files for Security

Automatically delete files after a set time or number of downloads. Keep sharing temporary and secure, giving users peace of mind.
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