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Start your journey with ConnectPlus, the best way to create a complete social dating app. With smart matching, fun chats, and video dating, ConnectPlus gives your users a smooth, safe, and enjoyable experience. Build a lively community and connect people like never before.

Effortless Matching and Discovery

Offer more than just profile browsing. Include smart matching systems, easy swipe features, and personalized suggestions to help users find meaningful connections quickly and keep them engaged.
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Dynamic and Engaging Chats

Enable rich communication by adding chat features like text, emojis, GIFs, and icebreaker prompts. These keep conversations lively and enjoyable, making sure your users stay active and connected.
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Seamless Video Dating

Let users build real connections with high-quality video dating. This feature offers a safe space for face-to-face meetings, adding a unique value to your app and increasing user trust.
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Enhanced User Privacy and Security

Protect user privacy with strong security measures like two-step verification, secure chat encryption, and options to block and report bad profiles. This ensures a safe dating experience, building trust and credibility for your platform.
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Personalized User Experience

Customize the dating journey for each user with personal profiles and tailored suggestions. This unique user interface enhances the overall dating experience, increasing engagement and satisfaction.
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Location-Based Matchmaking

Help users find potential matches nearby with location-based matching. This feature increases the chances of real-world interactions, making your app more attractive to users seeking convenient and local connections.
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In-App Events and Community Features

Create a lively dating community by hosting in-app events and group activities. These features promote social engagement, giving users more chances to meet new people and build a broader network within the app.
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Comprehensive Profile Verification

Ensure real interactions with a complete profile verification process. Verification badges and required photo checks build trust in the community, reducing fake profiles and boosting your app's credibility.
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