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Get your own meditation app developed with CalmCraft. Help people achieve better focus, inner calm, and better sleep through meditation and mindfulness.

User-Friendly Admin Dashboard

Easily manage your app's content, user interactions, and data from a single web admin dashboard.
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Customizable Meditation Sessions

Create and customize meditation sessions with different lengths, themes, and instructors to meet various user needs.
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Comprehensive Music and Sound Library

Integrate a large library of calming music and ambient sounds to improve the meditation experience and meet user preferences.
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Guided Meditation Creation Tools

Develop guided meditation sessions with voice-over support and customizable scripts to provide unique and engaging content.
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Effective User Management

Easily manage user accounts, subscriptions, and engagement metrics to improve user retention and satisfaction.
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Push Notification System

Send personalized notifications to users about new content, reminders, and special offers to keep them engaged and coming back to the app.
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Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Access detailed analytics and reports on user activity, session popularity, and app performance to make data-driven decisions.
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Flexible Monetization Options

Implement different ways to make money such as in-app purchases, subscriptions, and ads to generate revenue and support your app.
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